We would like to introduce you to the content of our service

Our service is complex, therefore we will secure for you the whole proces of vehicle returning. And how does it works?

1. Our dispatching center will receive a request to pick up your vehicle, which is subsequently confirmed in writing to us.

2. Once all the necessary documentation has been received, we are already managing the entire process of picking up your vehicle, exactly according to your corporate guidelines and instructions. All this with the possibility of regular notification of the entire course of transport.

3. After the arrival of vehicles at your designated location, the vehicle is officially handed over to your employees.


As a company, we are properly insured for any damages that may arise during vehicle transport.


All our drivers are properly trained and adhere to the company standards. He speaks English for trouble-free communication.


Thanks to our service you will get rid of unnecessary administrations associated with the whole process of vehicle transport from abroad.

Driving licence group B + C

In addition to the transport of passenger cars up to an authorized weight of 3.5 tons, we also provide the transport of motor vehicles with necessary category C driving license, ie vehicles with a maximum permissible weight not exceeding 7.5 tons.

Time warranty

We will give you a time warranty for returning your vehicle from the locations.

Express pickup of the vehicle

For selected locations, we are able to arrange a return of the vehicle within 24 hours of receipt of your request.