Checking vehicles

We are fully aware that any mistakes in the vehicle's inspection after a return by the client may be a major financial loss for the car rental due to vehicle damage and therefore we pay a close attention on this area. We have our own methodology and adapt to yours. We have our professional handover protocols and we will learn to read yours.

Complex vehicle condition check

When we take the vehicle, we inspect the body and all its elements, checking the entire interior, mandatory equipment, operating fluids and tires, where we find their type and tread depth.


We always take a few photos of the vehicle with exactly the content of the body, interior and onboard computer. These photos are then included in the documents that will be sent to you electronically after the transport.

Record of a new damage

In the case of newly created damage, we will properly capture this damage, describe it verbally and plot it to the handover protocol. For photographic documentation we use magnetic rulers to better mark the damage.

Own handover protocols

If we are providing a checking, we alwasy fill our own protocols, whereby each employee duly confirms their step-by-step activity.

Providing the missing documents

In the case of missing documents in the event of a new damage, these documents will be provided by our employee before leaving the branch abroad. So there is nothing to be missed for insurance or police needs.