Welcome to the VIPshuttle.cz website

The project was created for the purpose of outsourcing vehicle transport. With a focus on significant car rentals and assistance services operating in the territory of the Czech Republic and states of EU. The goal is the streamline processes, save time and finance of our partners.

The main advantages of the transport outsourcing

Saving money

We are confident that a flat fee for a given return location will be more convenient for you than paying for employee time, motorway charges, fuel and other direct and indirect costs associated with transportation.

Personal efficiency

We know well how much work and time must be spent by all responsible persons, from planning to the actual transport of a vehicle from abroad. So trust us all the agenda on this issue and let your employees work efficiently on something else.

Quick return of the vehicle

We contractually guarantee the delivery time of your vehicle back to your designated branch. It's not going to happen that your vehicle has been staying abroad for many days or even weeks. Our professional drivers will safely take your car back to you as soon as possible.

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